Heritage Buildings and Restorations

Our location in Canada’s oldest city gives us a better understanding of the value of the heritage buildings which surround us. In many cases, buildings which have served well for more than a century can be restored or re-purposed by implementing structural repairs or renovation. The latest techniques for structural upgrading, repairing deteriorated brick and stone masonry and incorporating seismic code requirements can often be applied in a way which preserves heritage structures for future generations to enjoy. Following are several sample projects:


Hartt Shoe Factory Residential Conversion

This heritage factory was re-purposed as a high-end residential apartment building. To provide needed clearances in the basement level, the entire first floor was raised approximately 600 mm. In addition the masonry walls were upgraded for improved seismic resistance.



Minister’s Island Bath House Repairs

This historic structure required replacement of a deteriorated structural steel and concrete floor slab and repointing of mortar joints in the circular stone masonry walls, using appropriate historic mortars.


Postal Station “A” Building Envelope Repairs

The structural component of this major renovation project included repairs to deteriorated steel beams and columns, concrete repairs and replacement and upgrading of metal connectors for stone masonry.